Margaret Paraskos

Born in Leeds, England and studied Fine Arts at the University of Brighton and completed her Masters at the University of Northampton. Has taught at the Cyprus College of Art, Lemba since 1990 and became the Director in 2014. Since 2005 she has been collaborating with the Erasmus+ placement programme Grampus Heritage that bring art students from the UK to Cyprus for a one month Residency.Has work in the Town Hall collection Larnaca, Zambellas Museum Nicosia and Stanley and Audrey Burton Gallery at The University of Leeds. Her work is inspired by Cyprus and Greek mythology, the enduring stories of ancient mythology continue to reflect on modern society and contemporary lives. In the recent work the paintings explore the myth of Echo, who has less emphasis than Narcissus. Her tragic story resonates in the lives of women today. Women who do not really feel that their voices can be heard or are as important as a mans. It is not hard to see modern parallels in Cyprus and elsewhere in the relationships between men and women.

Solo exhibitions: at Apokalypse Gallery Nicosia, Kypriaki Gonia Gallery, Larnaca, The Cyprus College of Art, Lemba.

Group exhibitions: Portico Gallery, London 2013, University of Northampton 2011, Cornaro Institute, Larnaca 2014, Palia Elektriki, Paphos 2017 part of the European Capital of Culture

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